What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to by his title 'O Sensei' or 'Great Teacher'). On a purely physical level it is an art involving some throws and joint locks that are derived from Jujitsu and some throws and other techniques derived from Kenjutsu. Aikido focuses not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you, beacuse of this it is suitable for wide range of people regardless of their age or size. It is not a static art, but places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement.

The reasons for studying Aikido are truly subjective. Some study Aikido for pure self-defence. Others study Aikido more for fitness or its other benefits. All reasons are valid, and all who regularly attend classes will gain their initial goal, the word Aikido in fact, contains the three elements which comprise the art:  (AI), harmony or co-ordination; (KI), spirit or energy; (DO) the method, or the way off. .

The Cheslyn Hay Chikara Ki Aikido club is a member of the West Midlands Aikido Association its standards are kept high due to a strict syllabus that is enforced by the teaching of Tabberer Sensei. Also all the WMAA Club instructors are taught to a high level and have been approved by the Club to teach. All club instructors have obtained Assistant Coaching or coaching certificates.

All training in the dojos including Cheslyn Hay are done in a friendly and non competitive atmosphere. This is so people new and old to the art can learn easily and safely. All people are welcome no matter how old or young or what size or shape they are. Aikido can suit all. The West Midlands Aikido Association and the Cheslyn Hay Dojo are none profit making so the cost of lessons and courses is low.

This we believe is to encourage people into learning the art of Aikido and knowing the people who are teaching it are doing it for  the Art not for themselves.