Aikido in weapons
     The Founder of Aikido was a master with the ken (sword) and jo (spear).  Part of his genius and the brilliance of Aikido, is the union of jo, ken and unarmed training into a single focus.
     Aikido comprises the technical base of old Ju-Jitsu (Daito Ryu), combined with the physical movements of the sword and spear. We learn Kokyu (coordination of breath), hips and movement from the ken, Hanmi (Aikido stance) and Hito-e-mi (an Aikido stance resembling Hanmi but with the hips pulled further back to the side) from the jo. The weapons condition our bodies in the Aikido manner, they emphasise the blending concept and especially the pultiple attack philosophy of Aikido. The Aikido of students who have studied weapons is incomparably sharper and more powerful that those who have not.Weapons are for all students. There is no minimum rank before beginning.